The best pd for teaching argument, period.


What makes this professional development opportunity so darn good?

This is all about practical implementation. We’ll be talking strategies for analysis, formulas for scaffolding writing, and rubrics for evaluation!


No venue, to gas mileage, no inordinate registration fees. Everything you want from a workshop — at a fraction of the cost.


The beauty of “virtual PD” is that it’s entirely on your terms, your schedule, your way. Nail it in one sitting or revisit all year long.

No Fluff

No boring keynote. No extraneous break-out session. No timewarp. You’ll get and learn everything you need in one action-packed hour.

About The Training

The knowledge, skills, tools, and practices you can plan to walk out with.
One hour of action packed English teacher glory.

Through the course of this "virtual workshop," you'll learn everything necessary to teach rhetorical analysis and argument in your classroom. If you've never taught argument before, rest easy knowing that we'll start with the basics and walk you from the baby-pool to the deep end. If you've been through the paces and have been teaching argumentation for years, you'll be happy to walk out with a few new tips, tricks, and compelling lesson ideas. The training itself is divided into four course modules: (1) "Persuasive vs. Argumentative," (2) "Conducting Rhetorical Analysis," (3) Implementing Analysis In Class," and (4) "Argumentative Writing." You'll enjoy the freedom that comes with online learning: move at your pace, whether you nail it in one sitting or distribute your learning across multiple days. Then, revisit the course any time! In just one hour, you'll be far more comfortable with (and better equipped to teach) rhetorical analysis and argument writing. So what are you waiting for? Get started NOW!

Why teach argument?

Meet the rigorous demands of the most current standards and next generation tests.
Common Core
Meet the standards.
The Common Core’s reading and writing standards demand that students read and write arguments as early as the sixth grade!
The New SAT
Intelligent test prep.
The SAT has been redesigned to test students’ ability to deconstruct, synthesize, and craft their own arguments!
AP English
Tried and true.
Rhetorical analysis and argument writing is the lifeblood of AP English Language and Composition. AP teachers, look no further!
Next-generation teaching.
Next generation tests such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced ALL seek to incorporate argumentative thinking into their assessments.

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